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GrooveFunnels Review How To Supercharge Your Online Marketing in 2021

My GrooveFunnels Review - How I transformed my business in 2020.

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"With the increasing competition on the Internet, making money online became more challenging than ever.

I faced the constant pressure of changing technologies and an ever-growing number of competitors, and I struggled to maintain a competitive advantage.

It became incredibly challenging to stay profitable in 2020.

COVID-19 truly hit us all hard, but in the midst of this viral storm, I discovered something that gave me my competitive advantage back.

Between the multiple different online marketing tools I was paying for and decreasing revenue, I was really struggling.


GrooveFunnels Gives You An Instant Online Marketing Sales Platform Ready To Promote Your Business, Products, & Courses

When I first stumbled on GrooveFunnels, it was like walking through a field and tripping over a treasure chest.

I knew I had discovered something game-changing, and that's exactly what it's been for me.

GrooveFunnels is a single platform that is equipped with over 20+ online marketing tools. All of the tools that I was paying monthly fees for on other platforms.

For me, GrooveFunnels led to a combination of profitability and productivity that was the key to unlocking my economic growth in 2020.

For you, it may be the key you need to unlocking your financial treasure chest of 2021.

Imagine everything that you could accomplish in 2021 with a comprehensive online marketing platform that integrates together your websites, sales funnels, opt-in landing pages, sales carts, email campaigns, lead management, order forms, payment gateways, affiliate systems, and automation.

The best part...

You don't have to pay a dime to access all of these features!

For a limited time, you can create a free lifetime account.

  • No trials.

  • No credit cards.

  • No payments

  • Absolutely free!

  • Unless you decide to upgrade, you don't pay anything.

    When I first came across GrooveFunnels I honestly thought it was too good to be true.

    Like a pot of fools gold.

    After I signed up for a free account and became familiar with the power of the platform I quickly realized I was dealing with the real thing.

    It wasn't long after signing up for the free account that I purchased the lifetime upgrade because

    I knew that once I started using the platform, I was going to quickly outgrow the free account.

    I've been able to save over $10,000 a year after canceling the other marketing tools I replaced with GrooveFunnels!

    However, I know plenty of others who are rocking the free account and making plenty of money using it.

    Side note: What I really appreciate about GrooveFunnels' free and upgraded accounts, is that the free account has access to the whole platform. So the upgrade is not to unlock blocked off features, but rather to expand those features once you grow beyond the free account's limits.

    If you're ready to check out the platform for yourself, click the button below.

    Otherwise, read on for my comprehensive GrooveFunnels review below." - Chris

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    GrooveFunnels online marketing platform

    In this GrooveFunnels Review, we'll be covering the following:

  • What is Groove Funnels?

  • Who is GrooveFunnels Designed For?

  • What Is Included With GrooveFunnels?

  • GrooveFunnels Pricing

  • GrooveFunnels Pros and Cons

  • Who Created GrooveFunnels?

  • GrooveFunnels FAQs

  • What is Groove Funnels?

    GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one solution that provides you with a wide range of online marketing tools to support your business online.

    From websites, landing pages, membership sites, online video, email follow-ups, shopping carts, and a host of our marketing apps, GrooveFunnels has everything you need to get your online business off the ground and running.

    You get access to all the tools you need to create a fully functional online business or that you can utilize to take your business to the next level.

    The best part about GrooveFunnels is that it integrates all your online marketing tools together.

    All your sales funnels, landing pages, forms, autoresponders, membership sites, shopping cart software, order pages, and more are all arranged in one “super app” called GrooveFunnels.

    This is a blessing, especially for those with little technical knowledge as you no longer need to spend the time and money on third-party services to try to link everything together.

    GrooveFunnels is like the swiss army knife of online marketing platforms.

    GrooveFunnels has a drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to easily create pages without having to know how to code, as well as the ability to import in your pre-existing websites if you're already set up on another platform like WordPress or ClickFunnels.

    This is a real time-saver, and this is another reason why experts and entrepreneurs love GrooveFunnels.

    GrooveFunnels is available as a software as a service (SaaS) and is a freemium product. You get access to all of the tool's functionality, just at a reduced feature limit. If you need access to higher limits, you can pay to upgrade.

    As you’ll see, the GrooveFunnels philosophy is to focus on the five key areas of a successful online sales funnel and provide tools to make them more effective.

    As you’ll see, the GrooveFunnels philosophy is to focus on the five key areas of a successful online sales funnel and provide tools to make them more effective.

  • Create

  • Deliver

  • Nurture

  • Engage

  • Convert

  • The idea behind this approach is to create a better experience for your visitors and help them move through your sales funnel at an optimal pace.

    Anything you might need to build a successful business online, GrooveFunnels has.

    3 Major Benefits Of Using GrooveFunnels

    Free To Use

    GrooveFunnels provides you with all of the tools you need to build a massively profitable business online all before you have to pay a cent. No trials or restricted access. They give you everything you need to build your business

    20+ Marketing Tools In One Platform

    From page builder to sales funnel, email automation to eCommerce. GrooveFunnels has everything you need, within one platform, to take your business to the next level in 2021!

    Interconnected Out Of The Box

    Don't waste time on APIs and Zapier. Get out of the box integration with all of the tools within GrooveFunnels. It's never been so easy to have seamless inter-connectivity between every layer of your sales funnel.

    Get GrooveFunnels For Free

    GrooveFunnels Works For Any Business Niche

    Real Estate

    Marketing Agency




    Law Firm






    And Many More...

    Who is GrooveFunnels Designed For?

    GrooveFunnels is for anyone who is interested in marketing or selling anything online. It can help you build your online business from scratch, or it can be used to move your existing business to the next level by automating your work.

    It is a comprehensive platform that combines the power of WordPress, Clickfunnels, Constant Contact, Vimeo, Shopify, Coursera, and Zapier all into one interconnected platform.

    Even if you have no experience building websites or marketing funnels the tools are so easy to use and the platform is so intuitive, you'll have no problem building your online business.

    GrooveFunnels is for anyone who wants to:

  • Improve their marketing ROI.

  • Save money and time.

  • Make more sales and get better results.

  • With the highly advanced tools and options offered, you'll be able to attract visitors, transform them into email subscribers and leads, and nurture them into paying clients.

    If you have a business, product, service, or information to sell, GrooveFunnels is for you!

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    The GrooveFunnels' Features That Makes It The Best Online Marketing Platform Available

    The main apps and features built into GrooveFunnels. Additional features and updates will be released this year to further extend the functionality beyond even these amazing tools.

    Man using GroovePages

    GroovePages - Drag And Drop Website and Landing Page Builder

    Highly intuitive, GroovePages has an easy-to-understand and clean drag-and-drop builder.

    With a little experience, you can easily create your own online presence in less than an hour. It has a lot of customizable features so it’s suitable for both newbies and experienced users.

    Using GroovePages drag & drop builder, you can create fully functional websites, landing pages, and sales funnels designed to convert visitors into customers.

    The pages are fully responsive by default without requiring any technical skills.

    It includes a large number of pre-made templates, drag & drop widgets, and wire-frames.

    It is built with the latest web technology, Vue.js framework, which has been optimized for speed.

    GroovePages is focused on simplicity and keeping everything straightforward. This is also one of the reasons it is popular among less technology-savvy online marketers and business owners.

    The drag & drop builder makes it easy to build beautiful landing pages and full-blown websites for your business.

    One of the advantages of using GroovePages to build out your website, landing page, and sales page is being able to maintain everything in one place.

    Rather than build your site using WordPress and the funnel builder separately, you can simplify this whole process into just one platform.

    GrooveSell - Ultimate Online Sales Machine

    GrooveSell is one of the most powerful online sales platforms.

    GrooveSell is a well-designed online sales system that takes the best features of ClickFunnels and SamCart and combines them into one platform.

    Using this app, you can set up your online sales funnel to sell digital or physical products.

    It is widely recommended for influencers, coaches, speakers, web and software developers, course creators, authors, thought leaders, and consultants.

    GrooveSell is one of the most popular tools for digital product creators due to its ease of use and many powerful features.

    You don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner because the interface is simple and intuitive. It offers intuitive product templates that you can customize with your pictures, descriptions, tags, price, etc.

    You can easily set up product attachments to be sent along with your products, email templates, shopping cart design, and checkout page.

    The platform comes with a powerful affiliate marketing system and merchant account integration.

    People creating sales funnel in GrooveSell
    Example of GrooveAffiliate marketplace

    GrooveAffiliate - Leverage The Power Of A Sales Army

    GrooveAffiliate is a powerful affiliate management system that is an extension of GrooveSell. It allows you to recruit affiliates to sell your products for you.

    From the GrooveAffiliate dashboard, you can manage affiliates, their sales, commissions, bonuses, and track the performance of your various products.

    It is the natural expansion of the GrooveSell system.

    You can use GrooveSell to sell your products and then leverage an army of affiliates through GrooveAffiliate to take those sales to a whole new level.

    GrooveAffiliate is similar to other affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank and JvZoo, but with the added benefit of having no additional fees.

    GrooveMail - Powerful Email Marketing With Advanced Automations

    GrooveMail is a marketing automation tool that is focused on helping business owners take their marketing efforts to the next level.

    It’s designed to be easy to use and most importantly, affordable.

    GrooveMail offers all of the features you would expect from a full-featured email marketing automation tool.

    You can seamlessly import leads from the other GrooveFunnels apps.

    GrooveMail allows you to create email campaigns, auto-responders, and broadcasts.

    You can send follow-up messages to prospects or customers that didn't follow through with their purchase or just have them added to a separate list.

    Lead tags allow you to organize your leads and to create segments based on their behaviors.

    They can then be followed-up with through a series of emails that are sent after a certain amount of time or that are triggered by certain events.

    For example, you can send an email to a customer if they have not yet opened or clicked on previous emails.

    GrooveMail allows you to split test your email campaigns. With this, you can determine which subject line or email content will be most effective.

    GrooveMail includes all the features of a typical email marketing system, plus a lot more, such as smart automation and text message marketing.

    Man using GrooveMail

    GrooveMember - Complete Course & Membership Platform

    GrooveMember is a platform designed to help you build a membership site for your products and online courses.

    With an easy-to-use system and a step-by-step layout and drag-and-drop system, you can make virtually any type of online course or membership site.

    You can offer free and paid access, with multiple tier levels for different membership levels.

    In short, GrooveMember is a complete solution to host virtual summits, membership sites, and online courses.

    GrooveVideo - Video Lead Conversion System

    With GrooveVideo, video marketing becomes easier than ever.

    GrooveVideo is a platform that allows you to host your marketing and sales videos using the most powerful player available.

    The platform provides you with versatile marketing tools, enhanced analytics, and advanced split testing.

    The powerful marketing features help you turn videos into lead capture tools. Using the video player, you can add lead forms inside the video content, so you can easily opt-in your visitors and transform them into leads and subscribers.

    GrooveVideo provides attractive video skins, with customizable features, for an enhanced video experience.

    With GrooveVideo, it is possible to embed videos in WordPress blogs, membership portals, and GroovePages.

    You can upload videos directly from your computer, YouTube, or a web URL.

    It offers a detailed analysis of how many views your video received and what were the average watch time and drop-offs.

    All these features help to drive more traffic and increase brand exposure through video marketing.

    GrooveKart on a laptop

    GrooveKart - Comprehensive E-Commerce Platform

    GrooveKart is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, do-it-all e-commerce platform.

    A direct competitor to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, and hundreds of other platforms. It comes with a host of features and built-in apps that other platforms require shop owners to pay extra for.

    GrooveKart is designed to sell your own products, as well as easily integrates into various print-on-demand and drop-shipping platforms.

    It supports a variety of different merchant accounts, including PayPal, Stripe, and GrooveFunnels' own GroovePay system.

    With GrooveKart you can import unlimited products into your store. This allows you to add products to your line-up at no additional cost.

    It features high converting templates, a review system, retargeting, scarcity timers, upsells, bumps, and other features.

    GrooveKart allows you to designate different sizes, colors, and categories for products.

    In addition, it includes powerful analytics tools, one-click product transfers, a built-in support desk, shipping features, and much more.

    With the built-in Shopify Migration Tool, you can easily bring your Shopify store into GrooveKart in a matter of minutes.

    GrooveKart is included completely free with GrooveFunnels.

    Upcoming Feature Releases

    GrooveBlog: Lightweight blogging platform. Scheduled for January 2021

    GrooveWebinars Automated: Pre-record your webinars and release them on an automated schedule. Scheduled for February 2021

    GroovePipeline: Track the progress of your prospects through your sales pipeline. Scheduled for March 2021.

    GrooveSurvey: Perform surveys to gather insights into your products and services. Scheduled for April 2021

    GrooveFunnelMapping: Visualize your sales funnel structure. Scheduled for April 2021

    GrooveDesk: Complete help desk solutions. Scheduled for April 2021

    GrooveCalendar: Automate your prospect and sales appointments. Scheduled for May 2021

    GrooveWebinar Live: Host live webinars directly through your Groove account. Scheduled for May 2021

    GrooveStream: Stream live on platforms like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube! Scheduled for June 2021.

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    Wondering How GrooveFunells Works? Here Is A Quick Demo For You...

    Watch the following video for a step-by-step review of getting started with GrooveFunnels!

    Lock In Free GrooveFunnels Account

    In less than 2 years, GrooveFunnels has over 500,000 active users and because of the power of the platform that number just keeps growing!

    GrooveFunnels Pricing - How Much Does Groove Cost?

    There are currently 2 GrooveFunnels packages available.

  • Free

  • Lifetime

  • GrooveFunnels Free

    The beauty of the free GrooveFunnels package is that it actually includes all of the tools within the platform.

    Most tools that offer a free version generally drastically limit the functionality of their software. In other words, you can only use it if you upgrade.

    GrooveFunnels isn't like that.

    You can sign up with their free account and instantly get access to all of the tools that are currently available and start building out your website, sales funnels, and shopping carts.

    While there are some limitations to the free package, there is nothing that would prevent you from getting started on the platform.

    Especially if you're trying it out or just getting started with your online business.

    GrooveFunnels Lifetime

    Additionally, they're offering a one-time upgrade, which increases the set limitations of the free account.

    Once they've finished releasing the remaining tools that are currently in development, they will move away from the lifetime access and introduce monthly payment packages.

    If you're anything like me when I looked over this platform, I was stunned by its enormity.

    I couldn't believe everything that was in it and knew that it was a tool that would help take my business to the next level.

    When I did the cost comparison of all of the tools I was going to be able to replace by getting GrooveFunnels Lifetime, it made complete sense to purchase the lifetime upgrade.

    After purchasing the upgrade and replacing the other Internet marketing tools I was using, I'm saving over $10,000 a year!

    For a full overview of what's included in the packages click the image below.

    Click image to see full comparison.

    GrooveFunnels package comparison between free and upgraded account.

    Pro And Cons Of GrooveFunnels As The Ultimate Online Marketing Platform

    This GrooveFunnels review wouldn't be complete with looking over the pros and cons of this platform.

    Who Created GrooveFunnels?

    Mike Filsaime

    Mike Filsaime is the CEO and founder of Groove Digital. He is an expert in internet marketing, having created dozens of successful products and online businesses. He is also an author.

    John Cornetta

    John Cornetta is the president of Groove Digital. A seasoned internet marketer, John has earned an incredible amount of profit in e-commerce and used his expertise to successfully grow multiple businesses and startups. John is the creator of GrooveKart.

    Matt Naus

    Matt Naus is the CTO of Groove Digital. He is a talented engineer who is adept at coding and has a strong background in software development and marketing. He has been the head of software development at Groove Digital.

    Matt Serralta

    Matt Serralta is the COO of Groove Digital. He is an accomplished businessman with experience in e-commerce and supply chain management. He has worked with several companies and has extensive knowledge of the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions About GrooveFunnels

    Yes, GrooveFunnels is legit.

    With over 43,122 new users joining in the last 30 days, it is a robust platform with a very active userbase and community.

    Now, whether it's right for you is a different story. If after reading our GrooveFunnels review you're not completely convinced, you'll need to look over the feature set to determine whether it's going to effectively meet your needs or not. I know that it certainly meets mine.

    You can always sign up for a free account to take a better look at the functionality to see if it's going to work for your online marketing needs.

    Yes, GooveFunnels offers a completely free subscription. You can see the breakdown of the free vs lifetime access here.

    The best way to learn GrooveFunnels is to sign up for a free account and start playing around with it.

    There are multiple tutorials and videos within the platform once you've signed up.

    Groove Digital is the parent company of Groove Funnels. Groove Digital is also the parent company of GrooveKart, GroovePay, and GrooveAds.

    Mike Filsaime is the CEO and founder of Groove Digital, the parent company of GrooveFunnels. Mike was instrumental in creating GrooveFunnels. Taking the years of experience he gained launching other online marketing tools, he has culminated it all into his best work, GrooveFunnels.

    Yes, GrooveFunnels offers a highly competitive affiliate program. Whether a free or lifetime member you can refer people to GrooveFunnels and get 20-40% commission on all sales.

    Simply by signing up for an account you are given access to promote GrooveFunnels.

    Yes, if you need a merchant account you can sign up for GroovePay. GroovePay offers competitive rates to other merchant accounts but has the advantage of being able to approve a more diverse set of individuals and companies when compared to other merchants.

    If you're unable to get a merchant account through PayPal or Stripe, I would highly recommend checking out GroovePay.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Profile picture of Christopher

    Christopher - I help people increase their business's profitability through SEO and sales funnels.

    Conclusion To My GrooveFunnels Review

    GrooveFunnels is an amazing platform, that I use in every area of my business. While it's not perfect, everything it has going for it outweighs the minor issues I've run into over the course of using it.

    I personally appreciate the speed at which it allows me to create and launch websites, sales funnels, and email marketing integration. I do use the other tools within the platform, but these 3 are my favorite.

    If you haven't signed up for a free account yet, I would highly recommend it.

    This platform may very well transform your business like it's done mine.

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